Max on the Luckyfish 

The Luckyfish 

Max’s new  5’7 x 19″ x 2 quad

Max wanted an aerial board . The quad provides the speed and drive for such such surfing

The Luckyfish – RRD X Armstrongsurfboards

Max on his new 5’7 Quad

Max on his new RRD X Armstrongsurfboards Quad

RRD x Armstrongsurfboards Luckyfish model

Max Armstrong on a glassy day at home

Thanks to RRD for the

Max Armstrong on his new board

sunny misty cliffs on my step up 6’4″

6’0 agave fish

corne snyders took this a few days ago-stoked!

family armstrong going surfing at their home break

Anton Mayne and quiver

Georgie’s board(dad sometimes sneaks off with it)

Armstrong a clean up at the Billabong Cape Town

This is my 6’4″

paul’s quad

paul loves his new does his wife

damon’s 10’2″

Damon is my number one team

Fishy business

Mickey Duffus 7’2″

Ruth waxing up

It was a beautiful evening at misty

Amazing Agave

El jimador tequila ordered these agave boards for promotions.Stoked!these boards will be fun to

max’s 5’10” raw

max’s shape in the raw

damon’s multi-choice

max’s new board

  [caption id="attachment_151" align="alignnone" width="300"] My dad ,Asha,Ruth and myself are in jbay.I am competing in the RVCA junior challenge.The waves are small,but ...